Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Night Before Christmas mini and small haul!!

Hope you all like it!!
Beware!! I sound CRAZY this was filmed at 5 this Morn!!
What I meant to say was I will not have the net until I get a new laptop so I will make a bunch of videos so when I get it I will then be able to upload them for you all to see.
I am for sure getting a new computer!! All I will have till then is my cell phone which gets the net really well I just can't upload videos. Waaaaa!!!!

Thank you everyone!!

I just wanted to thank all who follow my blog!!((((hugs))))
I will be gone temporarily hopefully I will be getting a lap top
during the black Friday sale and be back to my blog. during
that time with no Internet I will have plenty of time to make
a lot of videos and projects so when I come back I plan to have
a lot of things for you!!