Thursday, August 27, 2009

I just love drippy goo

I have to admit when I first saw this punch I thought how gross because I thought of blood dripping. Then I saw someone use it for other things and then I really wanted it. I called my M's and no one had it. Then I called my Mother in Houston, TX because she had an M's right across the street from her at that time. No luck at all.

now a year later finally my M's had it. I was so excited.

For this one I used the wedding solutions cartridge. This just looks so yummy

For this one I used wild card I just love that cart!!

You gotta love Martha Stewart!! I just love her punches this is her cupcake punch

More from the Wild Card cart. I just love this cart so versatile!!


  1. Your site looks wonderful Janell and I love your cards! I didn't want the HK cart but thanks to you I may have to get it, LOL!!! Have fun with your blog, it looks great :)

  2. I have an DGD with your name ...Janell with an (e)...Anyway...You have a very nice blog...i am loving your drippy goo creations too....your blog is very nice...What took you sooo long????...(hehe...)

  3. Forgot to mention...You have an award on my blog...Go over and pick it up......

  4. Love your cakes they looks SO GOOD!!!

  5. I want cake..LOL!!! I just love what you did with the goo punch!!!

    Have a blessed day,